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 Applications Form and Rules.

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PostSubject: Applications Form and Rules.   Thu Oct 04, 2012 6:19 pm

Hello there fellow Applicants, Welcome to Duel Kings Team applications!
If you're here it means you are interested in joining our team, us. Of course, you are welcome to try, give it your best shot!

Rules are quite simple, not complicated; we are not asking you to do miracles, not asking for the presence of a super duelist, we are quite simple people.

How to Apply: 3 Steps.

Step 1: Filling the Form.

You will have to fill the form below and post it in a new topic in this section (Applications) and wait for either me or any Co-Leader to reply to your application.
DN Name:
DN Single Duels: Wins / Losses
DN Match Duels: Wins / Losses
Time online on DN on a daily amount (in hours):
Achievements: (If any)
Name the, in your opinion, Top 5 Decks of the September 2012 Format:

After you make a topic with your name as Topic Title, someone will reply to you and inform you if you have passed the first step or not. It's like "I'd like to play a game", you get accepted in 1 step, you go to the next one; don't worry, we don't kill people eventually as it happen in Saw The Movie.

Step 2: Building a Deck.

We shall ask you to build 3 different kind of decks, to be more specific, we will ask you to build certain decks with only one purpose - to defeat a specific deck. This is what we call "Anti-Deck" in wars usually, a pretty important strategy in most of our wars.

After you make the 3 decks, you will explain the reason behind your build, choice of cards and the main strategy that will make your opponent ragequit on DN Razz. Then you will use those 3 decks and duel 3 of our members, each deck against it's rival, only to see if your decks actually works or if it's a bluff build.

If you passed at least by winning 2 of 3 matches, we will proceed to the final step.

Step 3: Rulings.

This should be an easy thing these days, everyone knows at least 95% of rulings in general, that's for amateurs even, but we won't ask you things like can Dandylion use his effect if he was sent to grave or not, that's quite a silly example, but it to show you on what level you are required to be. We will go deep into rulings, see your true soul of the duelist (now I sound like Atem, I know >_<).

The last Step has a specific Tester, only Irate will be your tester for the last Step, as for Step 1 and 2, I and the rest of the Co-Leaders will be the judges.

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Applications Form and Rules.
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